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Quality Products Since 1976

Tony Stano started Western Meat in 1976. He delivered quality meat products to local meat markets with the guarantee of an on time arrival and customer satisfaction. In 1978, Tony leased a processing facility and added two employees for a custom cutting operation. His son, Damon was hired in 1996 to consolidate the three Western Meat operations into one state-of-the-art processing facility. Today, Western Meat continues to be family owned and operated.

Western Meat has a commitment to quality and food safety which has insured satisfied and long-term customers since the mid-seventies. The company is known for superior quality, outstanding customer service, protein expertise and creative menu solutions. Our customer base appreciates Western Meat’s obligation and flexibility on next day delivery and acting as a partner in establishing a competitive cost environment and real bottom line improvement.

We have a continued focus on striving to be the best daily. We believe in building strong relationships with our customers, and for strengthening our collective businesses and evolving to an association of solid trust.

We consider ourselves “change masters” for our industry and customers with a portion control system that improves your plate costs, lowers overhead, and stabilizes margins.

Being a local producer, we can guarantee product freshness and sourcing of raw materials. We work with local distributors and/or provide direct delivery. We believe, as you get to know us, you will want to do business with Western Meat.

Full Service Meat

Western Meats has been my full service meat purveyor of choice for over eight years. The product, integrity and customer service is second to none! I can’t imagine another company being as committed to taking care of my needs as they have.

Steve Progar, Executive Chef / Partner, Abrusci’s Italian Restaurant in Wheat Ridge, CO

Full Service Meat


The Western Meat Difference

Specialized Seasoning and Marinating Recipes


We process to your order. Your needs are important to Western Meat. Therefore,we can cater to your specific requirements.

Custom Cutting


Our experienced meat cutters can provide product to your exact specificationsand cuts.

Portion Control


Controlling cost is a priority. We can supply product cuts to specification fromsteaks and chops to portioned hamburger patties. We also specialize in cubed, sliced and diced products.

Formulated Grinding


Our operation provides you with fresh ground chuck, round, sirloin and standard beef formulas. We can supply you with patties of various weights and sizes ranging from pre-formed to home-style. We also carry ground pork, lamb and veal options.

Specialized Seasoning and Marinating Recipes


Our operation provides you with fresh ground chuck, round, sirloin and standard beef formulas. We can supply you with patties of various weights and sizes.


Maximize Your Brand Efficiency

Co-packing has become an important competitive advantage for manufacturers, particularly in the food markets, as it is a rich area for operational efficiencies. In the current economic climate, co-packing has become increasingly popular as a means of fulfilling large projects without taking on extra staff and equipment. Partner with Western Meat to co-pack your established brand to help you produces your existing company’s product lines to your specifications.


Center of the Plate Quality

We have a reputation for providing value-added “center of the plate” meat and poultry products. An example of our companies offerings are:


We source a full line of beef, pork, lamb, veal and poultry products weekly to provide our customers with the freshest products.


Beef. Whole muscle and portioned steaks, ribeyes, top sirloins, strip steaks, T-bones, filets, flank steak, short ribs, ball tips, tri-tips and flat-irons. We offer several grades and cuts of each.

Pork. We carry whole roasters of various sizes, whole muscle and portioned, bone-in chops, boneless chops, regular and frenched racks, pocket chops, back ribs, spare ribs, St. Louis style and country style ribs, cutlets and other special request cuts.

Lamb. Lamb racks, Denver ribs, shanks, shoulders, legs and portion-controlled rib and loin chops.

Veal. Osso Bucco, loin and rib chops, cutlets, racks and other cuts by request.

Poultry. Chicken, wogs, breasts, airline breasts, thighs and legs.

Turkey. Whole, legs and breasts.


German, bratwurst, breakfast, honey breakfast, chorizo, Italian, sweet Italian, garlic chicken, sun-dried tomato basil, Asian and other custom blends.


Italian sausage (sweet, mile and extra hot), marinated chicken and homemade meatballs. We also will custom formulate homemade Italian meatballs, recipes from the old country, always made fresh.


Diced pork, honeycomb tripe, diced beef, sliced beef, chicharron and chorizo.


These are available for sourcing if your operation requests them.


We carry a line of fully cooked sausage, chicken, turkey, hams and assorted pizza toppings.

Italian Segment
Mexican Segment
Not-A Meat-A
Uppercut Meats
Giuseppe's Gourmet Sausage
Full Service Meat

I have been doing business with Western Meat for over 10 years and have been extremely satisfied with their products and service.Tony and Damon have a strong commitment to providing the highestquality products with unequal customer service. They have met andexceeded my expectations for product quality and customer service.There is no question they stand behind their products and the qualitythey provide me and my customers on a daily and weekly basis. I amenjoying our business relationship.

Chef Trevor, The Fort Restaurant in Morrison, CO

Full Service Meat
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